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domestic violence



I'm passionate and committed to helping others.I take our trauma that we face in life, and I turn them into a new journey path were will believe again with STRENGTH GUIDANCE FAITH DETERMINATION  LIFE OF BUTTERFLY join me and together we will conquer and fly above. speaking makes a difference dont let the past live for you instead we live from it show that we are strong 💪🏾 and survivors.



I have helped myself and  plenty of other people  of all gender and race around the world, its time we take back control of our life, Enough is Enough, what A powerful word it self carry. Knowing your worth is key. Self-love helps us smile again. We motive each other on a daily we share encouraging words to each other to empower. 



Focus on  making a positive impact on the world. learn to live after the trauma, with Chanel Lioness Attack Strategies, each step you take I take with you, we are together on this new Journey path. I provide the Energy that helps us make change. I  Use  a Retreat method to  gain

 trust to detox your mind body heart , and soul . I  Provide a Retreat that will be a long lasting difference.



The transformation Is you Champ. 


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